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Dutch Pamphlets

"Pamphlets provided early modern dissident movements with a new and powerful tool to publicise their causes, nowhere more effectively than by the protagonists in the Dutch Revolt. By far the most complete collection of these pamphlets, published in Dutch but also in French, German and Latin, was made by the nineteenth-century Dutch bibliographer and librarian Willem Knuttel. The online publication of this hitherto under-used resource, which will allow the application of new techniques, will surely transform our understanding of the early modern history of the Low Countries."
Alastair Duke, University of Southampton

"TEMPO is, at this time, the closest Dutch equivalent to such monumental online resources as EEBO (Early English Books Online), ECCO (Eighteenth Century Collections Online), and Gallica. So wide is the range of materials contained in the Knuttel collection, and so fundamental the importance of many of the pamphlets it contains, that there is practically no historian of the Dutch Republic who has not used it. To digitize such a resource is to revolutionize how it can be used, and by whom. Students as well as scholars, and historians of other lands as well as the Netherlands, will soon be discovering it as well."
Benjamin Kaplan, University College London

"The vast and rich pamphlet collection of the Koninklijke Bibliotheek, as cataloged by W.P.C. Knuttel, is an indispensable resource for generations of historians of the early modern Netherlands. The online publication of these pamphlets will forever change the landscape of research and teaching in this field."
Henk van Nierop, Universiteit van Amsterdam

"The Knuttel collection represents one of the most extraordinary resources for students of sixteenth-century politics, religion and print culture. It is marked by a striking coherence, and enhanced by a superbly scholarly catalogue. It is a fundamental resource which deserves to be far better known and far more intensively studied."
Andrew Pettegree, University of St Andrews

German Pamphlets

"The German and Latin Flugschriften collection has since the 1970s become the most important body of sources for the study of the Reformation in the German-speaking world. Its publication made possible, at last, the study of the common people's responses to the movements of the time. To have this great collection even more accessible in the new Brill/IDC database is a very great step forward for the field."
Thomas A. Brady Jr., University of California, Berkeley

"This project is a milestone of digital publishing for the early modern period. Its timing is perfect, as historians are beginning to be much more aware of the power of images not just to reflect but create realities. Visual practises and intermediality are key themes for our understanding of this period as for our own. Flugschriften are part of the revolution in communication and shaped Western European societies in a crucial period of political, social and religious change."
Ulinka Rublack, University of Cambridge

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