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Dutch Pamphlets, 1542-1853: The Van Alphen Collection
The Van Alphen collection supplements the Knuttel collection. It comprises some 2,800 pamphlets from Groningen University Library not included in the Knuttel collection. The pamphlets date from 1542 to 1853 and deal with similar topics as those described by Knuttel.

G. van Alphen
Gregorius van Alphen (b. 1908) is the compiler of the Catalogus der pamfletten van de bibliotheek der Rijksuniversiteit te Groningen 1542-1853 (niet voorkomende in de catalogi van Broekema, Knuttel, Petit, Van Someren, Tiele en Van der Wulp). It was published in Groningen by J.B. Wolters in 1944. Van Alphen was of the opinion that any existing pamphlet catalogs were sections in a comprehensive bibliography of Dutch pamphlets and that his catalog was an addition to it. Consequently, he omitted all pamphlets already described by others.

The majority of the pamphlets in the Van Alphen collection are in Dutch but there are also texts in French, German, Latin, and English.

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